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"The Wizard's Fetish"

This 9 minute experimental film distinguishes itself with surreal cinematography
techniques and an unusual narrative structure of scenes enacted to off-screen
monologue, where fantasy and reality collide.
A sensual woman, in many guises, seduces and manipulates the off-screen
narrator into a dimension of mystery and hallucination. The scenes take
place in Manhattan, moving from the chaos of Times Square to a jazz club,
a confessional and the boudoir. The narrator describes himself as the
Wizard, but the real power resides in the female protagonist, who may
only be his mistress in imagination.
Claudia Sisti, performs the complex leading role, showcasing her
multi-lingual capabilities. She is Swiss, but has lived and worked in
NYC for several years, acting in Theatre and Film, and performing
as a Rock Vocalist and Model.
Jeff Silverbush, jazz composer and tenor sax player, contributed
the music used throughout the film, emphasizing and complimenting
the erotic fantasy and psychological trickery. He also appears in
several brief, but dramatic scenes.
The story is based on a dramatic theater text, conceived and
written by Armand Ruhlman, who also performs the role of the
off-screen narrator. Armand has written, directed, and performed
in numerous live theatre productions in NYC.
Sean Adair has been working in film for over 15 years, and
has also exhibited his art photography to interest and critical
acclaim. His cinematography here adopts the analog techniques
of the Chameleon People photography project, which uses
projected patterns on the body, and the post-production uses
digital special effects that heighten the surreal setting.

©2002 Adair Productions