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Director Biographies

A co-production of Adair Productions and Healings Arts, the project is a fusion
between the disciplines of video/photography and dramatic theatre/performance art.
The two principals share director and producer credits in the spirit of true collaboration.


Sean Adair has been working in film production as a director and director of
photography for over 15 years, principally in documentary and commercial
work, including feature release films (?Rhyme and Reason?, 16mm Miramax)
and award winning network specials (?The Mysterious Origins of Man?,
NBC 16mm/beta). His art photographs of the "Chameleon People"
have been exhibited several times to interest and acclaim. As a principal
he has Directed and Produced the full-length documentary "Sacharuna,
Spirit of the Rainforest". This project combines the surreal techniques
of his photography with his cinematography and editing skills.

Armand Ruhlman an established East Village Playwright and theater
artist; has written, directed, and performed in various live theatre
productions in NYC. His writing includes a diverse body of work,
with a special focus on plays and film scripts. Armand Ruhlman,
has written, directed or performed at various NYC theater venues,
including: La Mamma, Dixon Place, The Kitchen, St. Mark's Church,
ABC No Rio, Cafe Nico, and in his bathtub - during a hot soak.
His video work includes a collaborative performance piece with
Emmy award winning actor, John Larroquette, of "Night Court"
and "The John Larroquette Show" on NBC.

©2002 Adair Productions